Sunday, April 9

Road closures will be in place around the Zoo from 5.00am until 12noon.

Access to the National Zoo and Aquarium will be possible via controlled access from Tuggeranong Parkway at all times.

Please note there will be no access to the Zoo from Cotter Road, all vehicles must travel to the zoo via Tuggeranong Parkway.

Vehicles travelling to the Zoo on Lady Denman Road will be directed on to the wrong side of the road during the road closure period. Please follow the directions of traffic marshals and Police at all times and reduce your speed.

Key Timings

Time What's Happening?
5:00am Road closures commence
7:22am First Participants arrive on Lady Denman Drive
8:30am-10:15am Bulk of the runners will pass through Lady Denman Drive
12:00pm Lady Denman Drive will be reopened in both directions

Key Considerations

  • Please follow the directions of traffic marshals and Police at all times 
  • Allow additional time when travelling to the Zoo to accommodate any delay on the day
  • Roads will be reopened at the earliest opportunity once the last runner has passed
  • Traffic will only be able to travel to the Zoo on one side of the road – runners will be on the other side – stay in your lane
  • Vehicles leaving the Zoo prior to roads reopening will be contra flowed by traffic marshals – please do not leave the Zoo until you are informed it is safe to do so by the traffic marshals.

Access Map