Sunday, April 9, 2017 at 6:25am

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Elevation Map

Elevation Map Marathon

Cut-off points

Marathon participants to maintain 8min 30sec per km or better.

Time of day Race Time Distance Cut-Off Diversion Location
6:35am 10mins 0km X King George Terrace - all entrants must have crossed the Start Line
9:00am 155mins 16.5km X Can't continue along Parkes. Participants have the option to complete the race on the Half Marathon course or retire from the race. Participants will be given a Half Marathon time if they choose to complete it.
10:08am 223mins 21.5km X Clear Parkes Way at turn onto Lady Denman Drive
11:22am 297mins 30.5km X Clear Lady Denman Drive, reach Cotter Road.
11:51am 326mins 34km X Clear Yarralumla - Banks Street. Can not enter into Western Park Rd
12:16pm 351mins 37km X Clear Weston Park
12:41pm 376mins 40km X Clear Alexandrina Drive
1:00pm 395mins 42km X Reach Finish Line

Drink Station Locations

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