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Rob Ey

Griffin Level: Walter Burley Griffin

How many Canberra Marathons have you run?

30 Canberra Marathons

When did you complete your first Canberra Marathon?


What is your favourite story to tell about the Canberra Marathon?

1993 was the first year that the Canberra marathon also included the 50km event. My wife Carol and I decided to run the 50km together. We hadn’t ever run an ultra before, so thought we would just take it steadily and see how we went. As it turned out, it went quite well and we had a very comfortable run, running all the way together. 50km races hadn’t been held very much and Carol actually broke the women’s Australian record, which at the time was very soft. A couple of weeks after the race, Carol found out that she was pregnant and also that she would therefore have been pregnant at the time of the run. We now tell our daughter, who is about to turn 23 that when she was 0 years old she was an Australian record holder.

What is your personal best?


Why are you a runner?

Originally I ran to get fit for other sport. Then, I trained hard to see how fast I could run and I realised that I felt better and slept better after a run. By then it was just a habit – part of daily routine. It became a social activity. Now I try and run when I can in an attempt to keep healthy and keep my joints moving. I try and make the Canberra marathon each year now purely because of the Griffins.

What running moment are you most proud of?

The most enjoyable part of running for me has been the occasions when I have run with someone else and helped them achieve a goal. I think that may be because in these circumstances the ‘helper’ is usually running a pace that is comfortable for them and therefore you don’t suffer as much towards the end when pushing for a goal. It is easier to feel the euphoria of success, when you haven’t run yourself into the ground. It is very hard to push yourself at the end of a marathon – it is much easier to push someone else.

How do you stay motivated to keep running?

For most of my adult life, I have been a runner. Most of my friends are runners or ex-runners. My wife is a runner. For many years, going for a run has been a social activity, a way of catching up with friends. Some people meet friends at the pub. Some people meet friends and go to the movies. I have regularly meet friends to go for a run or alternatively make the effort go to a running event as a way of catching up with people.