YMCA will be providing the pacers in the 10km race and Sydney Striders will be providing the pacers in the half and full marathon events to help runners achieve their goal at the Australian Running Festival. Set yourself a goal and jump on board a pace bus!

Pacers are experienced runners who will aim to maintain an even pace throughout the entire race. Choose a pace that will help you reach your own PB!

The pacers will be completing the race in the below pace times. On the day they will be identified with coloured balloons and pink pacer running bibs.

Choose your Pace

Marathon Half Marathon 10km
3 hours 1 hour 20 minutes 40 minutes
3 hours 15 minutes 1 hour 25 minutes 50 minutes
3 hours 30 minutes 1 hour 30 minutes 55 minutes
3 hours 45 minutes 1 hour 40 minutes 60 minutes
4 hours 1 hour 50 minutes 65 minutes
4 hours 15 minutes 2 hours 70 minutes
4 hours 30 minutes 80 minutes
5 hours
6 hours