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Marathon - Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 6:25am

The Canberra Times Canberra Marathon is on Sunday April 14, at 6:25am, starting from King George Terrace, finishing at West Lawns.

Marathon Course Map

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*Course subject to change

Marathon Interactive Course Map

Marathon Elevation Map

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Marathon Cut-off Points

Time of day Race Time Distance Location
6:35am 10mins 0km King George Terrace - all entrants must have crossed the Start Line
8:34am 119mins 10.5km Clear King Edward Terrace onto Parkes Place East
9:24am 179mins 16.5km Clear Brown St onto Weston Park Road
9:49am 204mins 19.5km Clear Weston Park
10:22am 237mins 23.5km Clear turnaround at Flynn Drive traffic lights
11:04am 279mins 28.5km Reached Half Marathon turnaround on Parkes Way. Runners approaching after the cut-off time will be directed to the turnaround on Parkes Way if they wish to continue and no official time will be registered.
12:20pm 355mins 37.5km Clear Kings Avenue Bridge onto Bowen Drive
1:00pm 395mins 42.195km Reach Finish Line

Marathon Drink Stations

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