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Half Marathon - Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 7:45am

The Half Marathon is on Sunday April 14, at 7:45am, starting from King George Terrace, finishing at West Lawns.

Half Marathon Course Map

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*Course subject to change

Half Marathon Interactive Course Map

Half Marathon Elevation Map

ARF 2018 - Half Marathon Elevation.JPG

Half Marathon Cut-off Points

Time of day Race Time Distance Location
7:55am 10mins 0km King George Terrace - all entrants must have crossed the Start Line
8:26am 41mins 4km Clear Parkes Place West onto King Edward Terrace
11:00am 195mins 21.0975km Reach Finish Line

Half Marathon Drink Stations

Location Distance (approx.) Drink Toilets
Federation Mall East 2.5km Water No
Parkes Way Westbound 6.45km Water No
Parkes Way Eastbound 12.2km Water + eniQ Yes
Bowen Drive Eastbound 16.8km Water Yes
Bowen Drive Westbound 19.7km Water Yes
Finish Drinks 21.0975km Water + fruit Yes

Half Marathon Course Certification