Funds Raised

Saturday, April 13

Road closures will commence from 4:00am to allow time for the setup of course infrastructure.

Time of events – Runners on road

  • 10km Course - 7:00am to 9:00am

After 9:00am Alexandrina Drive will be reopened to allow access to the Canberra Yacht Club and Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club.

Sunday, April 14

Road closures will commence from 5am to allow time for the setup of course infrastructure with Alexandrina Drive being closed from 5am and reopened in its entirety by 10.30am.

Access – Sunday

Access to the Canberra Yacht Club and Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club will be maintained at all times via a managed contra flow arrangement at the Flynn Drive roundabout.

Traffic marshals will operate the contra flow system to ensure vehicles are able to enter and leave Mariner Place with minimal disruption whilst ensuring the safety of runners.

Key Timings

Time What's Happening?
5:00am Road closures commence
6:20am First Participants arrive at the Yacht Club
6:30am-10:00am Bulk of the runners will pass through Alexandrina Drive
10:30am Alexandrina Drive will reopen

Key Considerations

  • There may be a delay in accessing Mariner Place during busy periods

  • Please follow the directions of traffic marshals at all times

  • Allow additional time when travelling to the area to accommodate any delay on the day

  • Roads will be reopened at the earliest opportunity once the last runner has passed

  • Traffic will not be able to turn right onto Alexandrina Drive from Mariners Place

  • Traffic will only be able to travel as far as the first entry point to Mariners Place

Pedestrian Access remains unaffected. If you are crossing the course whilst races are on, please take care to avoid runners.

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