Sunday, April 9, 2017


The Ultra Marathon is internationally recognised again in 2017 and is the AURA Australian Championship event for 50km. Competitors from this event will be selected to represent Australia at the World Ultra Marathon Championships.

The Australian Running Festival gives participants the opportunity to go 'beyond the marathon' and compete in a 50km Ultra Marathon. This option is popular with ultra runners seeking a fast 50km course, marathon runners seeking to step up to ultra race and participants training for such events as the Comrades Marathon. Participants looking to enter the Ultra Marathon will need to pre-register.

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Elevation Map

Elevation Map Ultra

*Course details subject to change

How are the cut-off points calculated?

The first 24.5km of the course has cut off times based on a 7:10/km pace. (Race completion time of 6 hours)

For the last 25.5km of the course, the cut-off time pace slows down to an 8:15/km pace. (Race completion time of 6 hours 55mins)

However, there is a diversion to a trail at 47km at 11:50am, in line with 7:10/km pace. Runners who are diverted to the pathway will still complete the last 1km on road and use the official finish line.

Cut-off points

Time of day Race Time Distance Cut-Off Diversion Location
6:15am 10mins 0km X King George Terrace - all entrants must have crossed the Start Line
9:00am 175mins 24.5km X Can't continue along Parkes Way at Lady Denman Drive
10:08am 243mins 29km X Clear Parkes Way
11:22am 317mins 38.5km X Clear Lady Denman Drive
11:51pm 346mins 42km X Clear Banks Street
12:16pm 371mins 45km X Clear Weston Park
12:41pm 396mins 48km X Clear Alexandrina Drive
1:00pm 415mins 50km X Reach Finish Line

Drink Station Locations

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