Sunday, April 9, 2016 at 7.45am

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Elevation Map

Elevation Map Half Marathon

Cut-off points

Time of day Race Time Distance Cut-Off Diversion Location
7:55am 10mins 0km X King George Terrace - all entrants must have crossed the Start Line
8:39am 54mins 6km X Clear Parliamentary Triangle
9:15am 90mins 10km X Clear Bowen Drive
9:33am 108mins 12km X Reach 12km on Morshead Drive
10:28am 163mins 18km X Clear Parkes Way. Participants who reach this point after 10:28am cannot continue onto commonwealth Bridge on road. They must use footpath.
11:00am 195mins 21.1km X Reach Finish Line

Half Marathon Drink Stations

Location Distance (approx.) Drink GU Toilets
Federation Mall East 3km Water No
Bowen Drive 6.8km Water + Hydralyte Yes
Bowen Drive 9.6km Water Yes
Parkes Way 12.4km Water + Hydralyte Yes Yes
Parkes Way 15.8km Water No
Parkes Way 17.5km Water No
Finish Drinks 21.1km Water + Hydralyte Yes